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Knittex supplies rope and twine that is manufactured from predominately extruded polyethylene, polypropylene and co-polymer products. Our ropes and twines are also available in other fibres in yarn form such as cotton, rayon, nylon and polyester. Our Twine, Braid and Stranded rope comes in a variety of packaging for numerous markets i.e. agricultural, mining, fishing, retail and wholesale.

Our ropes and twine products have been in the market for over 35 years. We have capability in braided and twisted ropes in a wide variety of fibres both synthetic and natural. Contact our team today for more information about these products.

Maxlin Enterprise Limited is proud to be the sole distributor of Knittex products in Zambia. Take the first step in enhancing your spaces by placing an order now. Simply fill out the contact form, and our dedicated team will ensure a smooth and efficient process from order to delivery. Elevate your spaces with the unmatched quality of Knittex synthetic fabrics – where innovation meets excellence.