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If your weather is a bit too cold or your plants a little tender, Knittex Frost Guard will help your garden through winter.

Plants are most vulnerable at night when temperatures drop, moisture is in the air and the wind picks up. Weather is also so unpredictable and one never knows when an unexpected frost may occur. Generally, plants do not grow much during winter, so to prevent them being set back even further through cold conditions and/or frost, protect them with Knittex Frost Guard, a polyester spunbond membrane fabric.

Maxlin Enterprise Limited is proud to be the sole distributor of Knittex products in Zambia. Take the first step in enhancing your spaces by placing an order now. Simply fill out the contact form, and our dedicated team will ensure a smooth and efficient process from order to delivery. Elevate your spaces with the unmatched quality of Knittex synthetic fabrics – where innovation meets excellence.