Maxlin Enterprise Limited


Products and Safety Ware

Telefax: 0211 228272



We stock high quality products from reputable manufacturers across the globe. We do deliver to our clients within Lusaka city to their door step. We also conduct demonstrations on how to use of our products at our customers request for free. Our products include:-

  • Cleaning Equipment/ Accessories – Scrubbing/Polishing Machines, Mopping equipment, Janitorial Trollies, Vacuum Cleaners
  • Cleaning Tools – Brooms, Mops, Window/Floor Squeegees, Dust sweepers, Spray Bottles, Caution Signs, dust pans, toilets brushes, duster, micro fiber cloths, etc
  • Bathroom and Sanitary products – Soap and Paper Dispensers, Tissue Roll Holders, Hand Dryers, Automated Air Freshener Dispensers, Hand Sanitizers, etc.
  • Cleaning Chemicals – Disinfectants, Stain Removers, Discalers, Liquid Polish, Floor Stripper, Detergents, Dish Cleaners, Degreasers, Soaps, Carpet Cleaners, window cleaners, Deoderisers, Ladies Sanitary Powders, Laundry Products
  • Safety ware and equipment – Personal Protective Equipment PPE Work Suites, Safety Shoes, gloves, helmets, rain coats,
  • Kitchens, Wardrobes and General Shelving – Design, Installation and Repairs