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Quality and Customer Care

The assurance of quality is fundamental in all works that we undertake. We pride ourselves on leadership in the training and development of our employees and delivery of the high levels of value for money customer service and quality through well trained, coached, developed and motivated staff, appropriate equipment, materials and chemicals. Maxlin Enterprise Limited believes in Total Quality Management (TQM) for continuous improvement in competitiveness, effectiveness and flexibility in all areas of the business as whole. Customer Care has been outlined below according to our business lines.

Cleaning Services

The Company endeavors, to ensure that all staff understand the five major reasons for provision of cleaning services which are:

  • Provision of a socially clean and acceptable environment
  • Waste and Dust Control
  • Prevention of spread of infection and disease
  • Preservation of buildings, fabric, fixtures, fittings and furnishings
  • Safety

We provide cleaning services that meets all areas covered in the scope of works outlined in each Service contract after a thorough analysis of each site. The cleaners are equipped with all the necessary training to carry out their work while Supervisors lead the teams to ensure all human, equipment and materials resources are utilized correctly and effectively. For daily contracts, each Customer site is assigned a Contract Manager responsible for managing the team and ensuring all policies are being followed to maintain high quality cleaning standards. The Contract managers have regular meetings with our clients for example weekly or monthly depending on the size of the contract to discuss performance and address any customer concerns. Maxlin also has a Quality Assurance team that conducts random and planned inspections in all cleaning jobs to ensure perfection. We also have a complaint handling procedure that ensures that all client complaints are resolved promptly and void recurrence. All meetings and inspections are documented for performance management and continuous improvement.

Cleaning Products and Kitchen Creations

Maxlin ensures that it only sells correct and functional products to all its clients. Should there be any fault with sold products due to unforeseen factory errors, Maxlin will endeavor to replace or have the products repaired.